El Pulpo Caliente

10 Feb 2017


My sister, also me


A giant sweater covered with a giant octopus

el pulpo caliente


December 22 - December 28, 2016


My sister is one of those people who is constantly cold. In southern California where we grew up, this is never really an issue, because the temperature stays in that ideal 60-80 range for 360 days per year. When she visits, even in August, she tells me that it is too cold at my house in San Leandro. It is never cold here in August.

She, for some reason, is traveling to Germany and Russia this winter as part of a study-abroad/touring-theater-group. This is concerning for a lot of reasons, but mostly because IT SNOWS IN RUSSIA. Clearly, I had to knit something to keep her warm and also to impress the local grandmas. You can go far if you have the blessing of the local grandmas.

I never have time to knit, especially not a big sweater with a complicated octopus face on it. Between the cats and the job and the house, I am lucky if I have time and the braincells to knit a hat every couple of weeks. December rolled around, and I had not started on this sweater, which I had promised as a christmas present. Mid december came, and the yarn was still sitting in its bag, taunting me.

I started knitting on the bus ride to LA, and only stopped to eat and sleep. I finished it the night before I had to go back. I am ridiculously pleased with it, and am also thrilled to know that it is traveling across Europe and getting compliments from every babushka it meets.