Warp Planning for the Swedish Kitchen

23 Feb 2017

I am super excited about a class I’m taking in May. The premise is “One Warp - Infinite Possibilities” and it promises to teach you to weave a full set of kitchen linens from one long warp. I am super stoked about it, but I’m at the tricky part, choosing colors.

Vavstuga’s website has this nifty “yarn playground” where you can grab a bunch of swatches and see how your favorite colors interact. It’s almost perfect, but identical square swatches don’t tell you a lot about how the colors interact in unequal amounts.

Luckily, those swatches tile perfectly, and they make simulating stripes way easy. Check it out!

As a side bonus, resizing the window allows you to see how the colors look at different densities. (sett is the fancy weaving word for this) On a project where you only get to set your colors once, this is so useful and has saved me from a couple bad decisions already!

The colors above were picked by the class instructor, and they’re lovely and cheerful and not my style at all. Here’s my warp plan: stone grey and blue and so very calming.